Thursday, May 29, 2008

last little tune ups and all downhill from here...

Well, just got back from track. It wasn't that hot, probably 90 or so, but a little windy. Actually there was a smaller group than I thought there'd be. I guess some people are racing this weekend. We did 4X200, 4X400, and 4X800 on 80% (of 5km race pace) w/ 1 min in between. I was happy to nail each one perfect as opposed to pretty much every other track workout where Ahmed yells at me for starting out too fast, and/or keeping the same pace or slowing down throughout the sets. This morning I had another little speed session- 1hr on the bike w/ 9X5mins as 1min 2nd half of race pace (based on power) 4mins training pace, w/ warm up and c/down. Then again was off to swim outside at SMU a 4km w/ another 2km pull at the start. I just loooove that 50m pool, and you can usually get your own lane :)Dan (another of Ahmed's clients) and I always seem go swim at the same time, either outside or indoors at Dedman Center, ha.
Tommorrow will be dedicated moslty to r&r, I just have one swim so I'll sleep in as much as possible, though I can't bring myself to wake up later than 630ish- weird.
After the last intensity day, Saturday, I'll get some chiro and massage then relax as much as possible before the race!!
My mom gets here next week, around Tuesday to come help me pack and get ready to go. She'll be bringing my bro along as he'll be staying with me all of June before he goes back to San Antonio for the USAT youth/junior camp and some training with his new team- Icon1multisport- as they prepare for youth/junior nationals in Colorado in August. I think it's soo cool that he's getting involved in triathlon this young and that he has a great group of other kids his age that share the same passion for sport.
Alright sleep time!