Wednesday, May 14, 2008

98% packed and ready to go!

Ahh crazy day!!! 3 short run/bike/swim workouts dispersed, errands, and interning in the morning. Oh, and a flat tire and a tow to National Tire Battery (cuz my spare tire's rim is messed up and I haven't gotten around to fixing that) in the middle of the day- nice, I could have used those two hours...maybe then I would be 100% packed and asleep right now.
I'm heading to bed pretty soon...the bike's in the box, clothes are in luggage, with everything for the race too (I hope). Bike pump and helmet- I'll get those from my trunk in the morning and squeeze them into the lugagge.
The plan is to wake up around 6-7, eat a solid breakfast, grab some coffee, and make it to Whole Foods right as they open at 8am (I really wish they'd open earlier) to get my spelt bread, almond butter, brown rice crackers, coconut water, and other essentials that I can't live without especially before a race.
My flight leaves at 10:30ish so if I can get there around 8:30-9 I should be ok. It would be great if they divided the security line at the airport into: "people that know what the *#&^ they're doing-line A" AND "people that have never or not recently traveled, and idiots who just don't get the meaning of efficiency- line B". Then maybe I could relax a little in the morning and get there about 45min before my flight as opposed to 1.5-2hrs, but it is what it is.
Hope everyone going to the Lubbock Camp has a great time. Train hard!!