Sunday, May 4, 2008


Done- 42 solid hours of training these past 2 wks. Every workout nailed to the "t". I am feeling the wear/tear of it all but I was stoked to finish it off with one of my best swims. I felt awesome the whole workout and today was tough...I thought swimming would be hard to get through, but every fast set of 50s I kept building speed :)
This morning again was the RBM ride, it left at 830, but I got there a little earlier to warm up with a loop of the lake and a set of Loving Hills. So in all, 3hrs worth. The group today was big and the pace much more mellow than yesterday's ride (the super fast guys left at 730 again today), so I was able to stay in the front-middle the whole time, except near the last few climbs where my legs basically let me know they were out of power.
I came home and ate a quick lunch to get my run and swim in with some even time in between each as netiher were supposed to be bricks. Running was awesome too. Well, the first 5-10 minutes I felt drained, though my legs weren't heavy/stiff, but after that everything felt great.
So now the plan is to stay in bed all through tomorrow watching TV/movies. Tomorrow's a much appreciated day off and then the week is lighter- 15hrs, swims mostly drills, except the 2hr open water with Ahmed and crew Saturday, bikes are easy spins, except Thursday group ride, and runs all 30-1hr training pace, and one track on Thrusday.
Congrats to everyone who raced St. Croix today!