Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going on's

Not too much going on right now. Yesterday we went out for the open water clinic to Joe Pool and then a 1hr training pace ride on the dam (2 out and backs). I did my 30min run first thing then ate breakfast and headed out. The swim went great. I can definitely feel the difference in my new stroke technique. We did tons of race simulations. I used to feel that wetsuits didn't help me any and instead made me swim "funny". But yesterday after I took off the wetsuit on the 3rd or 4th, it was like sinking in the water and I couldn't pull myself together mentally to swim strong at all haha. A renewed appreciation for wetsuits ;)Today we had run drills and then I had an easy bike and swim after.
I've spent pretty much all weekend outside of training reading A New Earth and watching Oprah's online webcasts with Tolle (previously recorded). The degree to which this book has made me appreciate the present moment and made me aware of surroundings which I would otherwise deem as ordinary, is incredible.
Tomorrow I'll likely go to the bookstore for two more books to take to Mexico as I'll be in the airport quite a while.
I'm excited to catch up with two friends for dinner, on separate occasions, that I haven't seen recently. Then Thursday I'm off to Ixtapa!! Ixtapa holds a very special place in my heart. Every winter from the time I was like 2 until about age 10, we headed there for Christmas and New Years. I'm sure the childhood memories will come flooding back :) as I haven't been back since we sold our condominium. Also, I'll get to see my first-cousin whom I am extremely close to. She'll be paying me a visit at the airport in Mexico City on Sunday where I make my connection back to Dallas.
Alright, time for bed...YAWN.