Tuesday, May 27, 2008

out of bed, this wk is gonna fly by

Yesterday was nice, I spent much of the day just laying around. I agreed to help Bill, the guy I intern for, a couple of hours in the morning, but that was it. A good day off, though with a training pace run at the race it wasn't really necessary. So this morning I jumped out of bed and went on my run first thing and actually found a route that has several decent climbs, yes climbs!, in the TX flatlands. Of course I did have to drive about 20min away, but it was early and there was no rush.
After I grabbed some breakfast on the way home and am gonna chill for a while until noon swim which I'm really looking forward to, as there will be a good group to push me through the long 2,000 (broken) pull set :)
Then it's just an ez 1hr ride around White Rock and off to work until the evening.
I'm kind of bummed Ahmed didn't give me either of the Tues/Thurs morning rides with the guys, I love hammering around the lake, but it was expected with the race coming up. Back to the track on Thursday and hopefully a bigger group than the last two sessions when all the IMAZ and St. Croix people were absent. I like it better when I'm chasing Roberto and Ron rather than me being the prey ;)
Saturday we're all heading to White Rock for an hour ride of hill repeats follow by an hour run with a 2mi TT in the middle. Last time Ahmed decided to do this, I didn't have it on my schedule as I was out of town for a race, but everyone that went said it was the hardest workout they'd ever done haha...I think everyone but Dan and Aaron puked. Whatever, I'm sure there was plenty of exaggeration, but I like a good beating.
That's about it, the rest, including Sunday is all training pace efforts, some longer stuff, and next week should be super mellow.