Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time for good news

So it's practically mid-week for me now and things are clicking again. I felt great on each hour session of S/B/R/W Monday and today had an awesome ride on the trainer...again the workout from last week which is killer but I love it: 30min training pace, 1hr with 2X20min race pace and 5min easy in between, 30min training pace. After that the whole morning was spent at school (exam! ugh :() but by the time I got out and did my run it was 73!!! Ahhh it's indescribable what happens to my physical abilities in warm weather. I thought my legs would feel a little heavy from the morning ride but nope, they were pretty loose and I ran my favorite 1hr out and back at White Rock. After that, did my swim...I was gonna go to DAM at 630pm but don't really like getting out that late and eating dinner at 8pm. By then I'm usually in bed and working out that late screws with my sleeping. The swim wasn't the greatest, it took me about 20min to get a feel for the water but overall I felt good.
So, that's that, everything is looking back to normal. My allergies are still there but I'm taking Zyrtec and it's working well, and the asthma/cough is minimal now, especially today running in warmer temps and slight humidity.
Also, things are right on track with nutrition. I'm on point in losing the couple of pounds put on in the off season ;)
Now I just need to continue this positive streak without anymore nonsense interruptions!