Sunday, March 9, 2008

Off to SA

Hopefully my parents and brother don't happen to read my blog today as I plan on surprising them with none other than yours truly :) tonight...not too worried as my brother, if he's home at all, wouldn't part from xbox, my mom has better things to do, and my dad probably can't point out the button to turn on a computer.

So why am I suddenly going? Well, as it's spring break, and I'm the only nerd out of my friends staying in Dallas to "train" there's NO ONE here and I just got next week's schedule which I thought would be at least mildly heavy and keep me busy, but it's basically all R&R- Mon and Tue off, then max of 1hr rides, 30min runs, and 1hr swims until the race Saturday.

This is the perfect time to head down to San Antonio. I haven't been there since December of '06!! Since I have to drive back Friday for packet pick-up, I'm gonna go ahead and leave tonight. I just have a 1hr ride to left to do on the trainer, will eat dinner, stuff a backpack of clothes, and get in the car :) The great thing too is I won't even have to take my bike, for 1hr training pace rides, the spin bike will do just fine.

Ok, time to get my little adventure underway!