Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Break!!!

...Starts tomorrow!!! :) Normally I have theatre class M/W/F 8am but thankfully the prof canceled it.
The downside? It's 27 and raining outside :( tonight and tomorrow it's supposed to snow. What the hell??? It's March. I stayed in TX for college to be in warm southern weather and it has failed me annually Nov through mid-May....tha's basically 1/2 a year that keeps me staring at a wall on my trainer and running on the stupid treadmill. GRRR!!!
Hopefully it will warm up even a little this weekend for the 10k Saturday. In any case, by next week it should be back to normal making the sprint "race-able" for my standards.
No big plans for spring break...I'll be staying in Dallas. I had planned a trip to San Diego but the wallet isn't so hot right now. Last year's trip out there during SB was epic as I got to train with Heather Fuhr the whole week. It changed my outlook on the whole season and made me fall for the sport even more- I had never ridden hills (mountains) and run trails as scenic and challenging as California has to offer.
But since I'm not "Ironmaning" and thus don't have 4-6 hour rides or very long runs...I won't miss out on much staying here, and will avoid breaking the already feeble bank.
Today I got my 2hr ride done early before school and am now just waiting to get out of marketing research class (YAWN!) for a swim and run. The pool doesn't open till 4 though so either I'll run before or take a big nap :)