Thursday, March 20, 2008

There's no way around it, cold and me don't mesh well

It's almost 7am...just got back from dropping my brother off at masters. Yup, that's right no swimming for me today, or riding, or running, or weights, or yoga, or ANYTHING! Why??? Because thanks to the race Saturday I can't stop coughing- my asthma really got bad after the race. Thank God I put on the jacket after the swim otherwise who knows in what condition I'd be in right now.
Sunday and Monday my throat hurt but since the allergies were bad and my nose/eyes itched too I put it off as simply all allergies. I knew I wasn't sick, like a cold, because even today my body feels perfect. Tuesday it was pouring so my group ride got turned into a two hr trainer ride as 30min training pace, 1hr with 2X20min race pace efforts with 5min easy in between, and 30min training pace to end. I felt great but my breathing sucked, and after I got off the trainer, showered, ate breakfast...from the neck up I felt like hell. Then yesterday it was only a 1hr swim and 1hr run so I managed the swim just fine, since it's usually humid at the indoor pool...however the run was not good. I could only stay about 2-3 beats into training pace because at any higher intensity the air I would breathe in burned my throat. Got off the treadmill (no way could I run outside with the wind and in the 50s like this) and the coughing was unstopable.
So Coach Z said take today completely off. Saying I'm pissed is an understatement. Today I'm missing the group ride (AGAIN!), a swim, and track. I know today doesn't have a significant impact on my season but those are pretty key workouts and when your entire body except your throat feels bad it sucks!
Hopefully resting today does the trick if not then was it really worth taking off in the first place, or would it have gone away on its own????