Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Raining....

and I'm not complaining one bit! Actually, rain on off days rocks. I woke up this morning to take my mom to school. Yup, that's right, switching roles now I dropped her off at real estate school. I'm so proud of her working to get her license. She's been remodeling homes since I can remember and really has amazing talent and an eye for design. Then I came back home to make her "miracle juice" of raw cranberry juice, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, fresh lemon and orange juices...she's on this total detox that lasts 2 weeks. The pre-sequal of 7 days eating super clean foods, all organic, a one day fast (of the miracle juice), and a sequal of the life-long habit of eating as bodily-fucntion-friendly as possible. I would love to try this myself except the whole no salt on the pre-sequal thing threw me off. I can't imagine training without sodium in my diet, that probably wouldn't last long, ha. I do, however, drink raw vegetable juices as much as possible.
Anyway, then I picked up my brother from school during his lunch break and my mom as well, so we could go eat together- well, obviosuly my mom would just be watching, hehe. It was cool going to get my bro as he's in 8th grade at Alamo Heights, where I went for elementary, junior high, and some high school...they've remodeled some of the buildings but the layout remains the same and it brought back a lot of memories.
So now I'll just be chilling around the house and later stop by Container Store- I have to interview the store manager on "managing diversity" for this huge group project we're doing on the company in management class.
-I'm out-