Saturday, March 1, 2008

"I'm a triathlete"...excuses me from my otherwise abnormal behavior

This morning I had a 5k at White Rock which started at 8 so I arrived at 6:15 to do my hour ride at the race site and make it as close to a "brick" as possible. Yup, there I was on the trainer next to my car all triathlete-like(I could have looped the lake but it was still dark) as people started to arrive- looking at me all confused, ha. Anyway, the race was cool, we started from the same point as the last 5k I did about a month ago...but thankfully this time we ran the other direction so it was a good change. The weather was ok, mid-50s- a little foggy and light drizzle. Again, HR>hard (175+)was the plan. My legs were a bit stiff but didn't feel heavy so that's always a plus. First mile I hit in 6:10. Had the focus been on time/placement I'd be disappointed that I went out too fast, as playing it conservative probably would have yielded a faster finishing time. But I have to remind myself that the purpose was simply to keep at the right HR throughout...I was on 177 pretty much steady to the turn-around and then 179 on the way back, so great race. One girl passed me just before mile 1 and I had her in sight the whole time but not near enough to pass her back. So 1st in my age group, 2nd overall.
Ok now I have to do a crapload of homework!! GRRR!