Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thursday Morning Ride

Ignorance is bliss, and therefore per coach's orders I will be joining the group of guys that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at White Rock Lake for 2 and 3, respectively, fast loops around the lake. All I could do was laugh when Ahmed wrote me the following email today, after I confirmed the time and the fact that I'll need a light since it's still pretty dark at 6am: "Yep. I want you to stay in the back, draft as comfortable as you can, don't be agressive, don't crash, not yet. When you get dropped go training pace for the remaining distance".
Hahaha gotta love the don't crash yet part....and hey, what makes him so sure I'll get dropped?! J/K I probably will, and quick, but that's why I can't wait until Thursday to find out how long I can hang and get beaten up in the process!!!!!! :)