Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I think I owe it to friends, and other people that counted on me being in Kona for Ironman to explain why I’m leaving after 2 days since my arrival- and thank you to those that messaged me concerned :).

When I arrived on Sunday, for the first time I was completely apathetic to the whole thing. It's been an ongoing process all year, and I just really had to be slapped like yesterday, seeing people running and riding ALL freaking day, and I'm only thinking, "what for?!".

I’ve been in Kona countless times, I've raced and won here, I've come and not raced and had a blast, and all that can happen this time is a repeat of last year with the same people at the same places.

For the last few months, I’ve had other pressing things in mind at this chapter of my life and really just need to be home to make progress on that front. I almost didn't get on my flight at all, but at that point I did fear regretting it. It’s sad it took the expense and travel to get here and see my gut was right. I’m selling my TT bike and finally moving on for good. It sounds drastic but I came to a place that used to thrill me and light me up like a little kid, and realized it's not longer relevant to me.

With that said, this blog will close. There’s no kidding myself about my back pain, and also the career and “life” goals I have that I need to pursue outside of triathlon. It has been an incredible journey, an honor meeting and racing all these incredible people, many whom I now call friends, and I’ll obviously continue to be immersed in the sport with my brother, Daniel, just beginning his trajectory as a triathlete.