Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm thankful for,

How blessed I am to have such wonderful parents, my stepdad, and close friends. It's been awesome having my mom here the past couple of days. She hadn't been here since I came out for my spring break in 2007 to train with Heather. That's when my heart was pierced by this place and I dreamed everyday of living here after college.
I am beyond thrilled that June 1st I'll be moving into my condo right on Encinitas Blvd and shortly after my little brother will be joining me for the summer. Being so happy and having so many laughs with my mom has even made my injury get better :)
I did some light VMO and adductor strenghthening exercises yesterday and will continue that on the road to full recovery.
One thing's for sure, I have never done such a huge block of daily swimming in my life. I'm sure when I can run/ride consistently again, swimming will be down to 4 days/ wk for at least 3 weeks, ha.
This morning after swim I took my mom to Naked Cafe- it's yummmmyyyy!! From there we went to pick up the lease contract, and got rid of my 24hr membership and joined Frog's instead. It's going to be great having that gym because yoga will now be part of my routine at least 2x/wk and spinning will take the place of the trainer for a bit as that will be easier on my knee with the option of riding with regular shoes (being clipped in and fixed in a position is aggitating).
So I'm pretty bummed she leaves in a little while, but she might be back out sometime mid June. I cannot express in words how much I thank her and my stepdad for their unparalleled love and support.
I have until October to train full time and prove myself in Kona. Whatever happens, after that race I'll most likely be getting a 9-5 to support myself as I continue the long road to my goal of being a top pro in the sport. But every day, every second I'm training, every little thing I do outside of swim/bike/run will be a means toward having my best possible race.
Injury is a part of being an athlete, and I've had quite a few mishaps before every race it seems....that or some sort of illness....but each time I learn more about the body, more about myself, and experience is what defines a seasoned professional in whatever occupation.