Friday, May 8, 2009

Knee: 1 Me: 0

I surrender. After 3 weeks I'm done fighting a useless battle. I've been doing what feels like exercise, not training, as all but my swimming has zero specificity to being weeks out from a key half-ironman. Anywho, I finally succumbed to my elders' advice which they've been preaching for weeks "REST!!". Okey doke, will do... So once again, live, f'up, and learn. The weekend will go by with just swimming which brings me to my new #1 priority- do not injure my shoulders from overuse haha. Then all through the week of the race will be rehab and 10days out I'll decide whether to go to Honu or not.
Yes, I'm pissed, yes, I've cried for hours like a baby girl, yes, I made stupid rookie stubborn mistakes, yes, I realize I'm not invincible....BUT yes, I will heal, I will come back stronger, and I will toe the line in October 100% healthy and ready to demolish!!