Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back on the Big Island

It's my 4th trip down here and as the plane neared the lava fields going over the beautiful clear-blue water, I thought about the different journeys that I've experienced before each arrival. Life's really something. That's when it hit me- I could not be happier to be back here racing no matter what. There's just something about this place. For some reason I delayed mailing that doctor's letter to Hawaiian airlines that would have transfered my May flight to October- so so glad I chose to race Honu.
My day started at 3:45am, woke up, had a bit to eat, loaded up the car, and took off from Encinitas to L.A. I made it to LAX at 5:30ish, parked and got shuttled to the terminal. I thought I'd fall asleep driving I was pretty tired, but luckily I made it just fine. Check-in went super smooth, it helped that I was practically the first one there from my flight which was to leave at 8:45. Security was fast, thankfully. So I then proceeded to the gate, found a corner, layed down Euro-backpacker style and slept till boarding time. That was nap 1. Naps 2,3,4,etc etc where on the plane, where I would be interrupted by the dude behind me kicking, or the stewardess offering peanuts and drinks.
After 7ish hrs of travel and more sports bars than in an IM training block, I made it to Kona and was picked up by Cassie, my homestay. We went straight home, she lives in a gorgeous house basically straight up Palani then hang a right I think toward Waimea (?). Incredible views, and lush green gardens. I assembled my bike as she picked the veggies from her garden for dinner salad- yum!
Around 4, Cash, her 17yr old son, and I left for Kona town. I dropped him and his friends at paddle practice and then I dropped my bike at the shop and did a short run on Alii- spectacular. It was good to move after being in a plane so long.
I drove back, luckily didn't get lost as the car was running out of gas, haha and we had a delicious dinner of fresh mahi, salad, and rice. I'm now in bed, relaxed as ever and hoping to get massive sleep.
Update on the knee- it got a little pissed with the travel, but running actually lightened it up, and I iced well after. So all's looking quite well and I am more than excited to get my game face on ;)