Friday, May 15, 2009

Time goes by, so slowly, so slowly

One of my fave songs by Madonna ;)and very applicable to my life right now.
It's been 3 days since I decided to call off Honu. I'd like to think I'm managing quite well. Everytime I'm in the pool I gather all the energy that's usually dispersed into three sports and try to reel it all into one.
I had an awesome massage yesterday, which for the first time, was able to be focused primarily on my upper body- wow, I needed that!
Today I'm back at Brian's for some more ART. My sleep with reduced training is a bit more normal, so I slept past morning masters and will do a longish Gordo-swim on my own in a bit, before getting worked on.
I have tried my best to avoid a pitty party and just deal with it with tough skin, plus everyone else has their own shiza to worry about and the last thing I want is to throw my troubles at them.
The one thing that really gets to me is sitting while everyone else is doing stuff- triathlon related or not. I despise laziness and feeling lazy kills me. If I was still in school, I'd finish my work for the entire semester in one week. I've ordered an LSAT prep book that Amazon tricked me and doesn't arrive until end of May :/ I plan to take the exam in Septmeber just for kicks. I've always had a passion for law and someday I would like to go to law school.
Anyway, one uber exciting thing is that my mom gets here TOMORROW!!!!! :) :)
It's gonna be a busy household at the Mayers' as they're booked to the ground and I am volunteering at the race both days, have to apartment hunt with my mom, and one of my clients is coming down to race and I'm gonna be showing her the ins and outs before/during the race.
I love volunteering....Saturday I'll be at the 5km registration, and Sunday I'll be helping out in transition area.
Monday I hope to start aqua jogging, though that could all be put to a halt if I get an MRI. I've been torn between doing so or not. If it shows I have a meniscus tear I'm looking at knife time and that's oh so very unappealing.
We'll see...I'm gonna assess that with Brian today.
Per the outlook for the rest of the year...if I heal in time, I'd like to do Lubbock and then Lake Stevens before the final Kona push. If that works out, I won't be missing much of the season at all, as the summer is the true creme de la creme of the year.
Alright, time to get prepped for swimming.