Monday, December 8, 2008

THE week

This is it! Friday at 2pm I will be done with college. All I can say is that these three years flew by. In a way I'm very excited (can't you tell??) to put papers, projects, presentations, group stuff (I have a strong dislike for groups because I'd rather do it how I want , when I want to), deadlines, studying, etc, etc etc AWAY. However, a part of me is also scared. After all, my entire life has revolved around a school routine, not just at the micro level of class schedules but macro with Holidays and Summer. Now summer is a relative term- it'll just mean the weather rocks. My life in California for 2009 will be a completely new experience and one that I'm very grateful to be able to have. I've never been to Mission Viejo- last summer I was in Encinitas- but my internet research shows it's an excellent place for training and beautiful.
A lot is riding on my training and racing for 2009 as it will determine whether or not I can get my P-1 visa (for professionals wishing to live/compete in the US) at the end of the year so as to remain here for at least 5 more years. This is worth more than a million dollars for me so when I toe the line at races next year, although I'm not a pro and am not racing for money to feed myself and my family, (at least for me) I'll be racing for something equally as important- the opportunity to stay in this country by proving I can compete with the pro women.
Classes are over now, it's just finals. Tomorrow I have a paper due and an exam at noon, and then nothing until my last exam and other paper on Friday. Blake gets in Friday and it should be a fun weekend. I hope he kicks butt in the WR Marathon. I'll hae fun spectating with a warm cup of coffee :D
Training formally resumes this week. Last Tuesday was when I officially felt back to normal and when I finally got on my trainer Friday and did a short run I was thrilled that my legs did not feel like they'd done an IM at all! I'm confident that I've been able to successfully hold some IM fitness and transition it well into '09 training. I'll be sure to take it easy until I land in Cali and after that it's GAME ON!