Monday, December 15, 2008

Mellow days

It's Monday again, although other than a reminder to avoid rush hour, it's still a weekend in the freedom sense of the word for me. Today is in the 30s here in Dallas- a dramatic change to the weekend's temperatures. Yesterday I went to watch Blake at the White Rock Marathon. That was a blast and since it was in the 60s it was pleasant for sitting outside the AA Center and watching the race on the big screens. The male leader got led wrong, or took himself off course, but in any case had that little mishap which was a bit of a shame. Either way it's incredible to see the elites run, or actually fly! Despite the mild temps, the wind ended up being a big obstacle for the runners.
After that we came home and I went on a short run while Blake napped, took a snooze myself after the run, and then headed to dinner at Pappadeux. It was the perfect occasion to enjoy a glass of wine- my first in over a year! I got ID'd and loved pulling out my license...pretty ironic that once I'm 21 I get questioned and never before that haha.
On our way home we drove through Highland Park, gazing in awe at the incredible lights of those ridiculously beautiful homes. Once home I wasn't tired at all even though it was pretty late so got to bed around midnight.
But considering the tiny amount of sleep I need (or seem to need), I woke up without alarm at 5am to get ready for morning masters.
I've been loving masters the past few days- the water is just clicking. I'm looking forward to becoming a fish this next season, consistency and two-a-days will be key.
All that's left now is some light packing tonight and tomorrow and then maybe driving down to San Antonio- I'm still undecided because I don't want to put in those extra miles, or seat time, when I'll be driving to California in less than a month.
I repeat this pretty much on every post haha, but once again I cannot shut up my excitement for moving to SoCal!!!! Saturday I was even happier to hear that my good friend, Lisa Preeg, from Austin just bought a house near Solana Beach! I look forward to hitting the mountains and trails with her and others out there.
Well, time to open up this new book I bought- Outliers by Malcolm's the perfect fit for my current state in life. In short, it's about grasping opportunities with perserverance and achieving great success.