Thursday, December 11, 2008

A short mental break

This post enables me to take a short step away from my paper, due tomorrow at the time of my last exam- 11:30. I cannot wait! I just got back from dinner with Jeannine and Roberto. We went to Kozy Cafe on Mckinney and I must say that place is hands down the finest dining in Dallas. I had a delicious caprese salad and wild salmon with vegetables that at any of the city's social hot spots would have cost 2-3times as much. I hadn't been there since they first opened a little over a year ago and they re-decorated it pretty cool. Also I love how it's still BYOB. I'm thinking of taking Blake there tomorrow or Saturday.
This weekend will be cool and next week I'll likely head down to San Antonio around Wednesday....after packing up most of my stuff to get it ready for the road trip to California!
My mom and I will be back in Dallas around New Years to load up my car and head for SoCal. It'll be a long time in the car seat but quality mom-daughter talks will make it fun.
Alright back to the dreaded paper...