Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Big Move

Actually it won't be that big- more like my bikes, bike box, clothes, and some pictures....
I'm still in San Antonio, and have been getting some good warm training. Yesterday I did an hour run with my local ART guy- Dale Londos- and that was phenomenal. We ran through Olmos Park and part of Incarnate Word Univ. It was pretty up-tempo and hilly with some trail. Back at his studio, I got in 90min of ART which left me feeling golden!
The plans for the Cali move have changed a little. Originally, I was going to drive out with my mom but she starts her real estate work like the 3rd of Jan and there's no point in hassling her with the long drive and packing stress. So, now the trip goes like this: the 31st I'll head to Austin in the morning and pick up Blake who gets in today and will be there training with a friend. We'll drive up to Dallas, spend New Year's Eve, I'll load up everything in the car as efficiently as possible and hopefully we'll be on the road the 2nd before sunrise. Blake's planning his move out to Cali as well so we kill two birds with one stone as he'll spend a couple of days out there training and looking for potential jobs.
We'll probably land in Mission Viejo around the 4th and I move in with the Magers on the 6th. It should be a fun road trip and hopefully my packing goes smoothly and I don't forget anything essential.
My mom and bro are planning a spring trip out there which will be perfect and a more relaxed way for them to enjoy SoCal and meet the Magers.
Training has been going great. The consistency is spot on and I've slowly been adding some bursts of intensity with no random fluctuations in HR :) I can't wait to be formally into 2009, settled in my new environment with full focus.
I'm happy to announce 2 new sponsors for 2009: Newton Running and Gu :)
My New Year resolution is simple: continue my love and appreciation for triathlon my family,friends, & sponsors that help make my dreams possible, and reciprocate by training and racing my heart out!!
Happy New Year