Thursday, December 25, 2008

San Antonio

Well, I finally made it down to SA. I can't say I was very excited to drive down. Blake and I stayed up pretty late Tuesday night- nothing crazy just watching movies, but it still made for a harsh 7am wake up. We scrambled to get our stuff packed and I headed to Baylor for a hard 1hr weights session. Blake took off for Lubbock around 10:30 and I left shortly after....around 11ish. The trip was a little scary as I was very tired and nearly fell asleep a couple of times. I stopped at a rest area at one point to try and nap for a short 20-30mins but got paranoid of falling asleep alone in my car with my beautiful bike just begging to be messed with. Anyway, thankfully Austin wasn't a beating with the traffic and I stopped at Whole Foods thinkinkg I would nap there and then go inside to eat before the final hr drive home. Well that didn't happen. I went in to use the restroom and the yummy foods got to me so I ended up just eating and then continuing my drive. I got home and just crashed on the bed for about 45mins until it was time to go to my stepdad's for x-mas dinner. That went smooth...we were there until about 9pm, did some present opening, etc. No more wine for me last night. After a solid 3-4 nights of bottle-splitting with Blake it was time to wrap up the "holiday indulgence" until next year, less I end up in AA instead of Kona haha ;)
Today my mom goes to Houston with my stepdad for another gathering and my bro, dad, and I will be chilling here probably renting a movie or something relaxing like that. The weather is looking amazing for the next few days and today the plan is to hit up Stone Oak for a good 3ish hrs ride with my brother. He's pumped up about his new clip-ons, saddle, and Radars and it will feel nice to trash his little legs under the superstar equipment he's got going hehehe. Hey, it's good to kick his butt a little while I still can :)
So that's about it. Now that I'm settled here for a couple of days I should have my "Outliers" review on my lit. blog soon!
Well, I gotta get the coffee going...great training's on call!!