Saturday, December 20, 2008

Texas is Bipolar

After practically a week of muggy conditions in the 30s, yesterday we were hit with mid 70s by the afternoon and today looks to be the same. But by tomorrow we're back to frigidness. No wonder people get sick at this time of the year...the body is in constant temperature shock.
However, I am definitely not complaining at any appearance of summer-style weather. My streak of pool-greatness continued yesterday. Blake and I stayed up a bit late so I didn't wake up for 7am masters. Instead I did my own workout with lots of stroke mixed in and I have to say that "fly" and I have a love/hate relationship that's building on the love side :)
Once home we had a quick lunch and headed to White Rock and got in a little over 2hrs on the bike. Boy did it feel good to get off the trainer! I thought I'd go for 3ish hours, plus I wanted to soak in as much of these conditions as possible, but the legs spoke to me and after 2 I circled back to the car and called it a day. No need to turn a solid ride into a breakdown workout.
Then we came home and got in my apt complex pool which thanks to mother nature is at like 50F- the perfect ice bath. The hot tub logically followed that and after we splurged on some awesome Alaskan King Crab legs that were on super sale at Whole Foods. Had that with some avocado, chili, and lime.
We decided to stay in so we ran over to Vino 100 picked up a good bottle of red and came back to watch a movie.
Today on schedule is a short 45min ish run, 90min ride, weights, and swim. I'm thinking DAM at SMU in the 50m pool. This and tomorrow's swims will be my last in the SMUs outdoor pool so I can't miss out.
I'm surprised at how well my body is responding to the build in volume this week. Lookng at my totals I'll have put in roughly 20hrs, and no sign of fatigue :) Next week I'll lighten up though as well as the following one which will have the added stress of moving. It's essential to get to SoCal fresh and ready to rock.
I just signed up for Surf City right now so that'll be my first feedback on leg speed for the year.
Well, not much else going on...a couple more pages left in "Outliers" and once the sun is up it's run time!