Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost the Holidays

I've really been enjoying this downtime. Usually my winter breaks were still a bit stressful planning the next semester and excitement was obscured by monotony. This time every new day is a step forward into the drastically different life that 2009 brings. It's a transition period that I'm soaking in as much as possible.

I'm almost done with the book. Gladwell really spoke to me on this one and I'll definitely get Blink and Tipping point after I finish. How our environment, culture, family upbringing, friends, and "chance" occurences blend together to either help bring out the best in us or make our fight that much harder is truly spectacular.

Anyhow, Friday my little brother gets out of school but I won't be down in SA until the 24th...I'll be leaving first thing that morning in time for the Holiday dinner at my stepdad's.

Blake is actually on his way up here to stay until then. We both decided our lives with everyone from school gone and this crappy weather were better off shared...misery loves company. It looks like Texas will show its randomness again and bring us temps in the 70s for Fri and Sat so we'll try and get in a 2-3hrs ride at the lake those days- grab 'em when you can!

Training has been going well...nothing structured- well at least not by my coach. I'm just writing my own day to day workouts right now, giving it some reasonable outline but nothing strict to feel guilt about if I don't feel up to it. I've been swimming masters almost every day and am feeling great in the water. Strength training's getting into swing now and my legs are feeling solid. It's all been about consistency and steady efforts- nothing speed related at all.

I think I announced my new coach, but in any case, I stopped working with Ahmed from Playtri when my collarbone broke back in July and coached myself through the end of the season. Before Cancun in Sept, I got in touch with Kevin Purcell and hit it right off. I found in him a deep care and knowledge that I had in Heather last year and I knew we could work very well toward my goals and build a strong relationship. He oversaw my training into AZ and what can I say, it all went good as ever!

'09 will be spent mostly staring at the black line submerged in chlorine. A lot of base miles, and mid season peak, then a short 2-3 week break to freshen up, and a hell of a peak going into Kona.

For now, it's all about living in the moment and hoping all is well for friends and family...wishing for a healthy and successful 2009 :D