Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why I hate medicines

Yesterday, after itchy as hell eyes, nose, and throat I surrendered and went into CVS to get some Zyrtec for allergies. I knew it wasn't a cold when everything ITCHED. The result: I was asleep by 730, all the way until 5am. Breakfast and coffee somehow got me to masters for a 45min swim. I felt great swimming but OMG I came back home and slept 2.5hrs!! I felt fatigued as if I had done an IM :(
I know it wasn't the best decision, but I have to study some and get through the day so I had another small coffee just now to feel "alive". Thus I'll be bagging my 30min run as I have a massage in like 10min and definitely won't be running after that. Oh well I guess massage is a better way to get the muscles going than running today anyway as the race was less than a week ago.
GRRR I can't stand medications, I'm gonna suck it from now on up and just keep sneezing away until it rains and the pollen diminishes.
P.S. For allergies what usually works wonders for me is Quercetin, only right now I think the combo of post race/travel with mega allergies hitting NTX was too much. So if you have allergies, try Quercetin instead, it's a natural flavonoid that's anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.