Thursday, September 18, 2008

1 day left!

I have to pack EVERYTHING tonight and hope it all makes it in the bag and arrives to Cancun. Tomorrow I'll be taking a taxi at 4am! UGH! Which means I need to continue my streak of good sleep by getting to bed early tonight. My flight leaves from one airport and arrives back in Dallas at another one so Taxi is the only way :(
I just picked up my bike at the shop, which was pointless because I won't be using the disk I had borrowed from Mina after all. I think it's a smarter decision, given the uncertainty of the weather and my long term goals, that I ride with my rear 404 which has the powertap on it. Good or bad race, without the download it's difficult to assess why I had a good or bad performance.
So after a short ride, short swim, and massage left today, I'll be done until Saturday. I'll do an ez ocean swim that morning with my brother, making him stay behind me otherwise I'll ruin my race if I let him lead and play catch up! Then a 20min ride just to check things are smooth with the bike before checking it in and a 15min jog...enough to loosen up and be ready for SUNDAY :)
I'll probably post an update Sat night.