Thursday, September 25, 2008

Travel Toll

Yesterday was spent all day in school and every minute in between either in bed or on the couch :)
Monday I woke up with a sore throat but figured that was just the race effects and when I felt a lot better Tues, shrugged it off as nothing. I even got in the ocean for 20-30min, to play more than swim, before leaving for the airport.
But after the travel and finally settling in at home, either there are allergies in N TX right now (I usually get them in Jan/Feb only) or I'm coming down with a slight cold.
The good thing is this whole week is all about Sunday I'll be on the bike for 1.5hrs and have a swim and run too but that will be the peak day of the week. As for now, I'll continue to plug away at my short workouts as they'll probably help me rid whatever's bugging me anyway.
My layout for Clearwater is pretty similar to the training for Cancun- 6wks out- slow building back up next week, 3 key weeks (volume, strength, intervals, the whole dang thing), slight taper w/ some speed week, and uber taper/race week!
I might toss in the Canyon Lake Oly two weeks out, as it's an excuse to go home to San Antonio and possibly have my brother race the sprint.
I'm looking forward to some excellent competition in FL and ending the season well. Getting through the last 2, almost 3, months has taught me more about myself than anything else. I've regained the confidence and feeling of purpose that was slipping away as the first half of the season unfolded. I was uncertain in my goals and the means of achieving what I thought they were. Focusing on Ironman (70.3s included) is what I'm meant to do.