Friday, September 5, 2008

A Day in the Life of....

Me :) hehe.
Yesterday I got A LOT of things done and was very proud so I thought it'd be cool to note them.
The alarm rang at 5am, I ate some fruit, grabbed my swim gear and was off to 6-7 masters at Baylor Center. After I quickly downed a powerbar, threw my run stuff on and ran from my house out to White Rock and back. A brick from the swim, 80mins run, comfortable pace z2,3 picked it up a little in the middle, added some great rollers and was home in time to cook a full breakfast of eggs & brown rice (my faovrite)...well I did have the rice done from the night before, and ate in the car on my way to class :)
I had class from 930-11 then rushed home to pack, read a little and was back for 1230-150 class. From there I went home, got my bike stuff and rode to the lake for a 2hrs mellow.
When I got home I showered, by now it's 430, got everything I needed for a weekend of training in my car, went STARVING to Whole Foods, ate, and drove home to San Antonio for the weekend!!! :) I got home at 10pm and collapsed in bed.
Today I was back at my last heavy weekend in the hill country, enjoying the last weeks of warm weather, and the lovely hills that I lack in Dallas. 4hr ride today, just got done with afternoon weights. Tomorrow will be 3.5hrs on the bike followed by a 45min brick run of hill repeats then swim in the evening. Sunday I'm getting in a 90min run firs tthing then driving to Austin to do masters, I LOVE LONGHORN AQUATICS' MASTERS PROGRAM, IT'S THE BEST!, After that I'll spend a couple of hours in Whole Foods eating and doing lots and lots of homework and then I'll finish off with a 30min eveining run on Town Lake with a Barton Springs cold soak to end the training for Cancun and begin taper! AHHH exciting!!!! Next weekend I decided to race the TX Man sprint, It's perfect little speed work just in time to get me firing for the BIG DAY.
Alright, homework now :(