Monday, September 8, 2008

All down hill from here! 3wk (4 if you count the first week with decent volume and semi-ability to run normally hehe) training block for Cancun. I knew it was doable considering Ironman specific training took about 2mths, and my injury didn't take away more than 10-15% of the fitness I had from the rest of 2008. Afterall, walking, the ellyptical, water running, etc all keep your cardio up to par.
Anyway, I've coached myself through this one. I knew as smart as Ahmed is, neither he nor anyone else could know what my body could/couldn't do with the collarbone issue and immediately after it's healing.
So I pulled all my resources, went back to look at my IM trainnig, took all I learned from Heather, plus what I learned from Ahmed, and devised my 3-4wk scheme for Cancun.
That first wk I did roughly 17hrs, mainly 90-120min rides, some 30mins swim, weights 3 times, and run/walk workouts. The second week I kicked it up to 21hrs, and then 23 and this wk 25. All just increases from bike volume, long runs, kept the weights for sure, and finally was able to add full 1hr swims :)
So now it's a week of cutting that in half, adding more intensity, and then super mellow with light efforts race week!

Last night I got into Dallas, it was a LONG day. My bro and I went Saturday to do an open water swim at Boerne lake in the afternoon which was great, we had the whole lake to ourselves. So yesterday he asked to come to UT masters with me and since I couldn't drive him back, my parents came along and we spent the day tehre.

For some reason I got up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep, so at 6 my brother and I drove to stone oak so he could ride while I did my 90min run. That went awesome! Basically I ran up long a** climbs, back down, up, down and through some great trails that made me feel like I was in Cali again :) Oh!!! I also saw a deer!! :)
Once in Austin, we got into a bit of car trouble when my alarm system went crazy and anyuthing I did with the car (open doors, attempt to turn on the egnition, whatever) the alarm would sound, so we had to call AAA . I was petrified that I might have to take a bus to Dallas cuz no way can I miss school, and then my dad drive my car up Monday when service people from Toyota are available. But nope, AAA got it fixed, although now I have no car alarm, ha. Anyway, my brother and I then did a 30min evening run on Town Lake followed by Barton Springs and finally I drove home to crash in bed at 10pm.
So now that's it, off day today and taking care of school. I'm very excited to have trained myself through this, all of my athletic life I've handed over the reigns to coaches but this time I felt the need to be in full control. Perhaps I did too little, too much, exactly right, perhaps my taper will be lower or higher than what it should or I'll nail it. In two weeks time I'll find out. One thing's for sure, I'm head strong as ever going into this race, and I wouldn't change the last 2 months for anything else!