Saturday, September 13, 2008


The winds are starting to pick up here in Dallas. Of course, we're free of the worst part this far north and my thoughts go out to those in the coastal areas.
Luckily it's not affecting me training wise because I'm pretty much in full taper. This morning was perfect for a 75min trainer ride with some mid-intensity intervals mixed in. Later on I'll head over to Dedman Center to do some stretching and shower again :)
So not much excitement going on today. I've been doing homework all morning and playing online every now and then, ha.
I can't believe I leave Friday!!!!! I'll be traveling with my mom, bro, and stepdad together for the first time, so that should be interesting. He's never been to a triathlon, well except a little local pool swim sprint my bro did a couple months ago, so I'm looking forward to his reaction(s) hehe.
Strangely enough, I've never been to Cancun, only Cozumel, which is basically the same thing except less hotels/Americanization. Hopefully this whole hurricane thing will leave nothing but a clear hot day come next Sunday!
Overall I'm feeling really good, though since I'm coaching myself it's really hard at times to keep myself on track with the taper because I've been tempted to kick up the volume the past 2-3 days, but I've had my fair share of bad calls this year so no more ;)
Alright well back to more reading as this is the perfect day for that.