Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I want to share this link with all of you for a project that one of my oldest family friends (we are like sisters) is launching to help her dad rebuild his career- after 30+ years as Mexico’s leading radio guy. He founded Grupo Monitor and was the only actual “voice of the people”. His success was such that Fox announced his Presidency at the studio, he was awarded a journalism prize by the King of Spain, and basically there was no political figure in Mexico that didn’t know who he was and cared deeply about what he communicated.

Long story short, as you will see in the third, and main, video, the Calderon Presidency/party shut him down and breached his Radio contract (he later won trial but was never compensated), and in 2008 had to go to the US for political exile. 

With the help of his daughter, Andrea, and her boyfriend who just quit his job at CNN in NYC to help them, they are rebuilding Pepe’s image and resurfacing him as the source for intellectual growth and expression for the Hispanic community- both in and out of the US via a website/podcast. 

The story itself is Shakespearean in its drama and tragic ending- which, with the help of those that donate to launch the site, can change into a just and wonderful one. 

Thank you for supporting them and our birthright freedom of speech!