Sunday, April 1, 2012

Texas 70.3 aaannnddd Moving On....

So this race went a lot better overall than last weekend's, mainly because I was in my realm.

I said afer the race I had a "great day" and by that I mean today accurately reflected the fitness I have now which is all I can ask for. The ONLY time in the race I kept wanting to stop was the first 20 miles of the bike. My legs just felt like crap- heavy and on fire.

But after that I was able to pick it up a bit, and the run, while not fast, I felt in an ok rythm throughout it.

I'm not stoked on the time or the placing, but that's not something I can complain to myself about because the field was stellar, and I did what I could on that day, period.

Last year at this race while I didn't go that much slower, I just felt like hell the whole time and the run was a battle mentally and physically. So I am very much looking forward to building on a better start this time around.

The ABSOLUTE best part of the day was having Lance catch up to me ending his 3rd loop as I was on my 1st and being able to lead him around for about 3 miles :) That made my race!

Moving on, and getting serious about my first year as a pro- I'm off to Kona in 3 weeks to do what I do best: live like a monk and train like an animal in an environment that suites me best surrounded by just a few people that will push me and that I look up to a lot.

I'll end that little camp with Honu and I plan to race that with the best half Ironman fitness I've ever toed the line with. From there it will be a short few weeks to Lubbock and well on my way to a summer that will hopefully land me in Vegas.

It took me a long time after Cozumel to feel human, longer to want to focus on all three sports at once, and even longer to get in a good groove and ready to get in peak shape. Now I am there. See ya'll in the summer ;)