Monday, March 19, 2012

Highs & Lows

I've developed more empathy toward menopausal women. The roller coaster of emotions and physical feelings I've experienced the last 2 months had me wondering whether a steady stream of training and confidence would ever make its way back to my life.

4 weeks ago I had one of the best weeks of training ever. I was cranking out swims and runs in PB paces and all the while upping my cycling from the "run block" that took over the start of the year. I was on FIRE. Then suddenly after that weekend going out on my longest brick/long run combo (4.5hr ride Sat, 2hr run Sun), I knew I was digging a big hole on that run Sunday but thought it's all good as long as I take a few easy days.

Enter stupidity: you get a text from a friend to run some intervals the following Tues- you're feeling tired but very fit and go for it.

BOOM interval one 2-3min and that was it the plug was pulled and from that moment it took me two weeks to get back to myself.

I've never had fatigue where I cannot complete a workout- where I am EMPTY. I struggled to find motivation, to get my heart rate up above 120 no matter the perceived effort, and everything resulted in heavy breathing.

Long story short, 2 weeks and I knew I had to do something about it- training in the real sense of the word was not an option. Thankfully I have some people around me that really care and I've surrendered my stubborness to follow their knowledge.

Everything worked out for the best and I am soooooo glad I experienced that "overtraining" because it landed me in the hands of a plan I trust and am excited about.

I didn't do Desert International, and recently Super Seal was a scratch due to the mini storm that hit SD.

So now a week out from Ixtapa I'm 2 weeks into consistent quality training and my body is coming around right when I need it to.

I have no idea what sort of fitness I have, or what performance I am capable of in an Olympic or the 70.3 the week after- primarily because this year has started off entirely different from the last 6 years of racing. It's a bit scary to think I have to be fit in April since in the past I've always focused everything on October and if I wasn't on top of my game in Spring it was totally ok- I'd still place well. But racing pro is a different story- no one wants to go and make an a** of themselves. I'm amazed at those that through the year are either fit, fitter, or fittest. I'm definitely not that type of athlete. My range is more like "30min gym cardio person" to "ATHLETE".

That said, for my goals, and for how I know my body reaches peak fitness, this year is going to play out perfectly so long as I continue just like the past 2 weeks :)

There's nothing to lose in Ixtapa or Galveston, and all the experience and fitness to gain. I've had my pro debut already, had a good race, and have no hype or expectations to live up to (except my own ;)). There's often so much noise surrounding some athletes before they even achieve anything- I'd hate to have to live up to that sort of thing. It feels good to have proven myself last year, and still have a decade before I reach the stereotypical prime age for endurance sports.

Come April- June I look forward to building up a peak for Honu and Lubbock, and from there on continue my season through October with a bunch of Olympics and some more 70.3s. The word season is kind of obsolete now with all the events year round all over the world- it is a long year and if anything I'll only be getting more and more fit.

Hopefully I'll have internet in Mexico and be able to post a race report and some pictures pre/post race.

Can't wait to just put out every ounce of effort both weekends and see a lot of my favorite peeps :)!!!!