Sunday, January 18, 2009


A great end to the week! After two easier days Thurs and Fri, yesterday's long ride with Chris was awesome. His coach bailed out on us hehe, but we rode the "Santiago Canyon loop"...which I think I can remember for future rides :) Ez-steady pace for 5ish hrs, the last hr and change on my own. I got home to take a quick shower while my Amy's pizza was in the oven :D
The kids spent all afternoon and the night at a friend's house so it was a full recovery day in bed with frozen yogurt in hand. I have a weakness for Stoneyfield Farm's organic frozen yogurt (Java or Fudge Swirl flavors).
So I hit the pillows just before 8pm and got up at 5 to eat breakfast. Now I'm at Starbucks reading the paper, writing this post ha, and in a bit will head over to longer (90min) masters.
After that I want to take the kids ice skating or on the paddleboats at the lake and then finish off with a short run before dinner.
I'm not sure what next week's schedule looks like yet but am assuming a calm Monday and then ramping up as the week goes on. That's good as Mon the kids don't have school so I can take them to the park, theatre, or whatever.
I've been looking to add a few shorter races Feb & March- Tritonman Sprint and Desert International look like possibilities...we'll see what coach thinks.