Friday, January 23, 2009

Bike Fit at Edge CycleSports

This is the best multisport/bike shop in the world! Hank rocks! I've searched far and wide for a good bike fit, unwilling to place myself at the hands of anyone inexperienced. In early 2007 I was fit by John Cobb, but after outgrowing shoes I started to tweak things and that led to removing shims, adding them back, moving the cleats back, then forward again, then back again, then adding more play, taking play away....A DISASTER!
By a miracle I emerged out of Arizona injury free and have been OK until now. Yesterday after a 5hr ride Saturday, the 2.5hr interval-big-gear ride did me in. I was tight as ever in my hips, and my right outer shin and knee were not feeling so good. So, I got in to see Hank and he fit me on both my road and tri bike. It was life-changing. I now feel like I can just pedal/ride and not constantly fight the pedal stroke and spend extra energy moving around trying to get comfortable. I can get into a more agressive position and hold it forever.
The tri bike is still at the shop getting the powermeter fixed as it has failed to read the last couple of rides. So tomorrow I will be taking the road bike on the 5-6hr trek with my coach up to Julian.
I'll be leaving MV early for San Diego, meeting Kevin, and then riding through Santa Ysabel, stopping at the famous Dudley's Bakery (YUM!), and up to Julian all for some long awesome climbing.
We're (yes, me I have to turn crazy) searching for rain & cold temps to make it a true sufferfest. Sweet! Bring it.
A little run after the ride and then I'll drive back home to sleep until mid-morn Sunday :D