Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mid-Week 2

I'm now at the point of routine. I love routine and thrive in it. Schedules result in efficiency and force discipline. Everyday I say thanks for the opportunity to live and train here. This year truly is providing the perfect set up for my goals in life and sport.
On a more detailed level- swimming is kicking my butt, which is good :D Slowly I'll move up lanes and in the process gain some incredible overall fitness. This week's focus is IM and fly will definitely let you know if you're in form. Don't ask me about my fly hehe.
It's been about 3 weeks with no "off" days. Of course, there's been active recovery and ez days, but in this new terrain where hills are unavoidable 99% of the time, I'm starting to feel it! The next two days will be an ez hr spin on the trainer, albeit outside, ez 45min runs, and masters. By playing it smartly, I'll be able to absorb the last week and 1/2 - 2wks of training and hopefully see some new found strength on my long ride Sat. I'll be riding 5hrs, and though I could pull it off alone exploring the roads, I'd rather be led through some cool routes by peeps who know where they are on a map :) So, I recruited Chris Hill to show me around his hood, and I think his coach will be joining us too. I'm looking forward to an awesome ride in what continues to be summer weather!
In a couple of weeks (2 or 3) I'll be running another half marathon- Surf City...likely I won't be rested for that race either so it will be cool to compare to last weekend's. Then Feb 14 will be the best Valentine's Day as I'll head down to Palm Springs with my coach, a couple of his athletes, and some others for a century rally.
So that's about it. Training's going amazing and so is daily life in general. Today forced 2 naps on me- hard work is being accomplished.
May the next 10 months be the same!!