Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Ride- Lake Miramar to Julian

Yesterday was priceless. I made the drive down to Lake Miramar to meet with my coach for a long ride. I'd seen posts, pics, and heard comments about rides out to Dudley's Bakery (yes, food is always the focus and essence of a good ride hehe). So, I was pumped.
We left promptly at 8am, expecting, and looking forward to, rain and colder temps. It was drizzling the first 5 or so miles but then Murphy's Law held true and given that we wanted bad weather, we didn't get it. Granted, it was cloudy and cold enough for jackets and toe warmers, especially at the top in Julian, but no rain and no Dallas-like wind chills :)
I'm trying to expose myself to miserable weather in order to toughen up my wimpiness-uhhhm, yea.
Anyway, it was a blast. After about 2:30 we reached Dudley's I gulped down a sandwhich and a fabulous choc chip cookie and we continued upward. All in all it was about 7,000ft elevation gain, constant rollers and gradual long climbs even on the way back. We climbed up to Julian in 51min and then made the descent to head back. I loved this climb. Last year I did Palomar which is basically the other side and only slightly further from Dudley's. Palomar is a bit longer but neither presented any traffic at all, maybe it was just luck of the days to ride, but that's always a plus.
After I raced to Whole Foods and sinned on sushi once again (oops!), devoured a pint of Java frozen yogurt, and then went to Kristin's for a while to chat. She ran the Carlsbad Marathon today and absolutely killed, getting 2nd in her AG in 3:28!
That was it- an epic, must repeat ride. I'm feeling some great early season fitness and only hope to continue healthy and build up more and more.
This morning was an ez swim....about 70min, mostly IM work. Then I picked up the kids at their grandparents' and got in my run.
Now it's chill time and an OFF DAY tomorrow! It'll be good to get some errands done and squeeze in 2-3 naps :D