Monday, January 19, 2009

Fly 'Till Ya Die

That was the theme for today's swim. Thankfully I got a great night's sleep. The kids spent the weekend at sleepovers and were finally home last night, pretty tired. I cooked some dinner, and then we all headed to bed. So this morning I was up early, at just past 4, made the drive to Starbucks, read the paper, and jumped into masters at 6am. Fly, fly, fly, and more fly. It was painfully awesome!
So scratch the thought of today being mellow and easing into the week, ha. An hr of each swim, bike, run, weights today. A long run tomorrow, med bike and swim Wed, long bike and run Thurs, Fri same as today, longER bike and t-run Sat, and long swim and run Sun- SWEET!! Next week I'll get a day off somewhere, after close to 3 wks sans one. But I actually love doing shorter workouts or ez ones to supplement off days so am feeling good as ever.
Surf City is next weekend and as of last night, Tritonman is officialy on my schedule which will be the first triathlon of the yr for me :D
The week looks like it will bring some cooler temps, 70s vs 80s haha...ahhh I love SoCal!