Friday, October 24, 2008

Winter is here

How do I know this? Today I have to pull out a jacket, leg warmers, and socks to ride- it's 42F! I'm back in San in late (9ish) last night and went straight to bed. The good thing is I slept amazing all 8 hours worth :D
Today's a big training day and I'm ready to go except when I remind myself of how frozen I'll be haha. It seems like in just 1-2 days the weather does a 180 and we land back in dreaded winter time. My motto: suck it up for a month and enjoy the winter; hopefully with the peace of mind of having already secured my Kona slot so early!! That's actually one of the things that motivates me about IM AZ- it will be a true test of my mental and physical weaknesses. I probably will be an icicle until about 2hrs into the bike and my asthma will not be aided by the dry cold air. But getting through a not so ideal IM environment is awesome as it will only make me stronger. And, hey, if a record high pops up race day, I won't be complaining! ;)
So on the agenda, a 75min swim, 5:30 bike and 45min t-run, sweeet! Time to jump in the pool...