Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What would I do without caffeine?!

In 5 days (Fri-today) I will have put in 22 hours of solid training for Clearwater. I love being able to come home to San Antonio, be with my family and have full support of my eat, sleep, train pattern :)
I've been able to build up the volume well and throw in a couple of key intensity sessions. Yesterday's interval run was one of them. Unfortunately it rained hard so I landed on the treadmill- not the funnest of places. But I got that done first thing to hopefully allow my legs to feel somewhat alive today haha.
As soon as the sun comes up I'll be heading for a 4hr ride followed a by short run off the bike. Then I'll do weights late afternoon as I decided to drive back tomorrow morning. I have class at 9:30 and since I get up around 4am anyway, it's better to drive after a full night's sleep than tonight exhausted from training. Let's just hope I don't get pulled over- cops tend to be quite rude at that early hour.
I'll definitely stay in Dallas this weekend. I got Todd Terry to join me for my longish ride Saturday so we'll probably do the South Loop twice to stay the hell away from White Rock in the morning! haha.
But the following weekend, before I start to taper, I'll most likely be back here or going to Austin to train with George Fri-Sun. It's so nice that it's mid October and I'm still able to get awesome hot weather training. I heard Clearwater was unusually chilly last yr and am hoping it's the complete opposite this year. I'd give anything to hear the weatherman race morning "...and today expect a record high into the nineties"!!
Alright I'm out- cheers.