Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KONA 2009

I will be there.
...At least I will fight to the very last drop of sweat to get back to that Island and race the event that got me into the sport in the first place. Recently I've been glued to the internet looking at all of the pictures, seeing video, reading articles etc all about race week and I'm just crawling out of myself to be there!!
In about 1 month's time I will have my first shot at qualifying for Kona again in Clearwater. In any case, ff it doesn't pan out in November then I'll be picking my qualifier for mid 09 season (Oceanside sold out) ;)
It's on my calendar and on my mind 365 24/7. I've had an empty feeling all of this season with goals that didn't truly correlate with me, but now I have that same feeling I did in 2007- the burning desire and vivid dream that turns into reality.
Best of luck to everyone racing this year!