Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home Stretch

It's coooooold!!!! I'm so glad someone invented trainers otherwise my cycling in the winter would be non existent.

Now that i've actually felt the 40's and 50s again and it's not just some number, my plan for AZ is pretty much set: swim with a bathing suit only, under the wetsuit of course ha, and pack my clothes (sports bra, tri top, tri shorts, socks, arm warmers) into the T1 bag and change into dry clothes in the tent. so i loose 2-3mins tops but I gain basically the whole race because otherwise if my chest get's cold with dry air my asthma will make the race dreadful. Also, i plan on wearing thin socks but definitely toe warmers. If my feet freeze pedaling becomes nearly impossible.

By the marathon, temps should be high 60s-low70s and if there's a God it will turn unusually hot so I can put the hurt on some snow birds that will have smushed me on the swim/bike :) hehe.

So it's back at it today after an awesome rest day yesterday. Sleeping 11 hours will get you recovered from anything! Again i went to bed before 8pm so it's 5am, already breakfast #1 has been eaten, and am waiting for 30 more mins or so to hop on the trainer for a 2hr wall staring steady pace effort followed by a run in Antarctica (aka outside). I really should have bought a treadmill instead of a couch for my living room...hmmm next time.

This week consists of the biggest volume I've ever done so that's an exciting little challenge. There's not too much intensity as I've done quite a bit of that in the last couple of weeks so last weekend and this one are about becoming familiar with IM length and pacing again- lest I leave T1 at Oly pace and die at mile 30 hehe. I'll be back in San Antonio and that will probably be the last time I drive down and back Thurs-Sun, the drive actually takes more out of me than the training so three weeks out from race day is just right.

After ride/run this morning I'm off to the ice bath at SMU with my friend Sierra (track/xc runner for school) and then breakfast #2. Morning class got canceled-yay!

I just discovered YouTube playlist so ever since I'm sans Ipod (Dec or Jan I can't recall exactly) I've been musicless on trainer sessions. Now I can actually make it a little more entertaining to be pedaling indoors :D