Saturday, October 4, 2008

Early on a Saturday

As soon as I woke up- 4:30...I laced up my shoes and hit the road...I couldn't wait to get running! Ahh that felt awesome, over 48hrs of rest sure did my body well. The legs are still not 100% fresh/loose but by my massage tue or wed all the remaining kinks from the HIM should be out.
I'm taking my bike into the shop today before i ride to get my cassette (currently on my 404 rear that's got powertap on it) back on my training wheels. I really don't know how to use power/analyze it, and really there's not much that will change in my output in 4wks leading up to clearwater. So it's best to ride on my training wheels using HR as a guide (which I am very good at hehe) and save the money of tubulars if I flat.

Power training will come back in handy gearing up for the 09 season following a good 1wk break post Clearwater (yes that's all the break I'll take until mid-09, the collarbone set back was enough rest!). I'll be in the hands of my new coach in San Diego who can actually make use of the power data haha. Also, i think by the time my b-day rolls around which is near x-mas and coupled with my graduation ceremony, I think I can convince my mom to buy me a new powertap hub so i don't keep training on race wheels!

Not much excitement the rest of the day...I'll be swimming masters at SMU at 11 and then doing my 2hr ride at WR. I feel kind of left out with Longhorn 70.3 going on in Austin this weekend as well as the Toyota Open here in Dallas :( hehe but my race day will be here before I know it! Good luck to everyone doing the events tomorrow!!!