Sunday, March 28, 2010

Season Kick Off!!

What a weekend! First & foremost, a huge congrats to my RAHA team mates Tawnee & Sara for their fantastic races at Oceanside! Also a major shout out to Colleen, Beth, Kristin, Julie, & Rhae who all came in top 5 in their AG's!

I made it out there in time to see all the athletes out on the run course and it gave me a great new perspective toward the sport. I had never spectated a half- just some local sprints when my brother would race. It was eye openning to be on the other side witnessing the focus, determination, effort, satisfaction, ahhh just so much emotion out there!

I've been lucky enough to train with all of these girls and their results are proof that there are no short cuts- it's pure hard work and passion that leads to success!

After witnessing all that I felt kind of guilty/lazy at not pulling through with my run off my 3hr ride earlier in the day but now, after a solid 12hrs of sleep and a decent 90min run where I felt back to normal again, I see it was a smart decision.

Friday morning I woke up with sniffles, congestion, and an overall crappy feeling- aka a slight head cold. I only had a swim that day so I didn't allow the sickness to get worse, but Saturday's 6:15am ride start where I underdressed for the mid 40s temps had me frozen and breathing with 1/4 of a lung. Add to that the headache/congestion and I had no desire to do anything but take a hot shower after getting off the bike.

Anyway, good news is I managed to go out there and enjoy the race environment and today Mauricio helped me start out my run which turned out pretty good :)

Off to swim a little later and enjoy some time laying out in the gorgeous San Diego summer weather!

Two more weeks until Super Frog Half & this weekend it's Black Eyed Peas Concert w/ the team :D

2010 racing is underway........