Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bahati Foundation Launch Event

4:30am and I was at Starbucks getting my fix before swim. After a decent practice (the day before I couldn't stay afloat- not to self the day after a 90min massage I'm useless), I headed out on a 4hr ride which went by sooo fast as I had 2 fun sets- one 3x20min mod-hard efforts w/ 10mins recovery, then 6x3min hard hill repeats. Plus, it was insanely gorgeous out :) I was supposed to follow that up with a short trun, but given the time frame to get eat, get ready, and drive up to L.A....and how beat my legs (& self) were from the day and days prior, I pulled the plug on it.
I digress, but scratching off a scheduled workout is something that would have killed me mentally in the past. If it was written I would do it in spite of even food poisoning or the flu. However, part of my growing process in the sport is to learn when to listen to the body and when to not sweat the small stuff. So now, to call off a short run when I'm pretty dead and rushed, is all good.

Anyway, we didn't hit that much traffic, though I should've taken the 405 not the 5. The event was a blast. Our whole Raha Women's Tri Team was there and it feels great to be a part of Bahati's contribution efforts for the less fortunate.

The musical peformance was done by the band/choir from the High School Bahati attended as a kid. Then they showed promo videos of the Pro Cycling team- amazing talent and diverse backgrounds- impressive group of guys!

The night ended early for my mom and I, 9:30ish, as we had to drive back. It felt like 3am though after being up since 4! Somehow I managed to stay awake and drove the whole way home- yep I'm a trooper :D!

Here are some pics from the night....

My RAHA homies

Bahati Pro Cycling Team

mom & I