Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quick little update...

Last night Tawnee drove down to stay the night for what was supposed to be an epic 100miler with 2500 of our closest friends- starting & finishing in downtown SD. As forecasted, the rain began to pour down as soon as we had picked up our packets (6:30am ish). So we collected our $100 Gu Chomps, Snickers, & jersey and drove back up to Kristin's for a 3hr trainer sesh. Deep down I wondered if I really just suck at HTFU, but after hearing that pretty much everyone bailed at some point due to the weather, I was more than pleased with our quick thinking - :) - and the fact that by 10:30 we were done with a log-able bike workout.

Tomorrow...unless coach disapproves...I'm planning on heading out with Julie & Caroline for our own 100miler in the SUN(!).

Thursday my mom arrives, Friday we'll head to LA for the awesome launch of the Bahati Foundation at the Nokia Center, & Sunday she'll get to "watch" me race Xterra Black Mtn Run....unless of course mother nature decides to throw another tantrum. I'm really looking forward to this week & weekend, as I haven't seen my mom since Xmas :)

That's about it. The year's going by pretty fast and my fitness is coming along at the right pace- definitely being cautious on not being too hard on myself (mentally & physically) until post Honu. On that track, I'll be eager to adopt my monk-ish ways & get down to Kona business in the summer!