Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oceanside 70.3

Really really regretting not signing up!! The Ironman storm is brewing- social media all over the race, the 101 lined with TT bikes, aero helmets, & compression socks, lean/frantic humans buzzing around town, etc etc.

I thought about racing but didn't register on time and instead went for Super Frog Half April 11th. Entry was cheaper as it's not WTC, and there's a prize purse- not that I'm counting on collecting it but it sure would be a great way to pay for the remainder of my races and/or the potential $400smtn ticket for my red light violation that's been haunting me for mths.

For sure I'll be out there to cheer friends on as they finish but refuse to (like other tri-friends that aren't racing either) change my sat ride/run to Fri in order to watch the whole race. Why? For one, I had a solid longish ride today with Mauricio and could definitely use my swim-only-Friday as coach scheduled. But more importantly, watching the race unfold step by step is like being designated driver at a party- pretending you're having fun, or at least trying to, while completely not on the same page as everyone else. I'd rather, like the des. driver who just picks people up as they call, come at the end when everyone has completed, or is on the verge of completing, their craziness for the day & I can giggle at their lifeless appearance as they cross the line with nothing left....while at the same time enjoying the feeling of heavy/tired legs from my own self destruction earlier in the day :D

So that's that. Tomorrow will be mega chill day for me with a fun Expo visit. Good luck to everyone racing- get 'er done!!!