Thursday, April 1, 2010

Intellectual Conversation...hahaha

The following conversation, via text, with my brother this morning made my day...

Me: Sup fool?
Daniel: I wanna convert to Taosim.
Me: WTH??! well, since we don't really practice Catholicism, u don't have to go thru trouble of converting
Daniel: tru, yea look up Taoism beliefs, I kinda like it
Me: I'm familiar with Taosim...personally I like Buddhism better :)
Daniel: Ehh and Confucianism. Buddhism is like forgetting about what u want and not having needs. kinda not good for an athete cus a guy passes u and ur like ohh it's ok I don't need to win I am on my way to enlightenment.
Me: hahahhahahah wow...that's not really how Buddhism would work in that scenario but ok.

& that was it- subject changed at that point & I had a second ab workout of laughter for the day.