Tuesday, August 5, 2008


That is on the blog end of things so today on an off day I thought I'd post. Off day from what? haha well I've kept up my training quite well despite the injury albeit with major modifications. After 2 weeks of stepmaster, ellyptical, water running, and as much time on the trainer I could stand on a sit up position (1hr max)...I finally RAN on Monday!!!! OMG I never wanted to stop but it's time to be smart so I only did a 30min total run with 5 min walks in between 10min runs. Then yesterday I moved up to 2x15 with 5 in between. Also, I discovered that in the pool standing in the shallow end I can do a freestroke motion and it doesn't hurt because my arm isn't vertically aligned with my body rather in front (make sense?) so I can pull water :)
Anyway, the xrays last week showed healing is well underway so I'm giving myself the go ahead for Cancun if I can meet three tests: 1) be able to ride 2-3 hrs outside and stand the pressure on the shoulder 2) swim at least a 2k without much soreness at all 3) run 90min again without pounding pain. The plan looks plausible for a good race, I have 6 weeks where I can get in some solid riding on the trainer and 2-3 outdoor sessions just to get the confidence back. I'll make running and strength training, including dryland swim workouts, my main focus.
Starting to look back on this as a thing of the past, I'm thankful that I was able to spend my last official summer with my family and that I could help my brother in loaning him my trainer as he geared up for Youth Elite Nationals which is this weekend in Colorado Springs. I'm soooo proud of him, he's an inspiration for me to get back into regular training and racing. After just a few months in the sport, he's loving the healthy lifestyle which I believe is a savior to teenagers and is showing amazing discipline. I wish him the best of luck and if any of ya'll are interested in tracking his triathlon endeavors check out his new blog: www.danielvertiz.blogspot.com, or add him on I am tri ;)