Monday, August 25, 2008


My mom and I got to Dallas last night EXHAUSTED. I got in a solid ride in the morning of 3.5 hrs (1.5 of those with my brother) and then a 45min run off the bike. It was absolutley gorgeous outside and I did as many hills as I could find. While my mom napped I squeezed in a swim after lunch so we didn't leave until 4pm. Half way into the road trip we realize that when I lost my car keys the week before, the house keys to my apartment were gone too. So that meant waiting outside at 9pm with the locksmith for an hour, but that wasn't too bad cuz he was pretty hot ;)
Then finally we got into bed at like 11pm and I was so restless I slept about 4hrs. Today was nonstop school and definitely a day off! I got my massage with Donald which I missed terribly and chiro from Ron, they're truly amazing at getting my body fixed for more punding to follow.
On the plan is two more weeks of high volume build, followed by a taper/short speed week, and then 70.3 race week/big taper. Since Monday is Labor Day and Fridays I don't have class I'll be heading South again haha and staying in San Antonio through Sunday, then driving to Austin and racing the Austin Triathlon on Monday!! I'm sooooooo excited to race. I don't have any expectations on the swim and my legs will for sure feel like 100000tons each after some more mega mileage this week, but I'm looking forward to biking and running that race till I drop :)
Now it's time for bed, hopefully 9hrs of nonstop sleep before a big day tomorrow. School this semester is gonna be tough; lots of reading and presentations, but I love my classes and 4mths left till I'm all grown up, ha, yea right ;)